Our approach

We know that every student can learn better.

At Centennial, we support UDL in everything we do, so that every student can reach his or her potential.

We use inclusive instructional practices.

We use tools and techniques that remove barriers to learning, including:

  • Online course materials, handouts and assignments;
  • Diverse course presentation methods (e.g., lectures, discussions, videos);
  • Diverse evaluation/assessment methods (e.g., written, oral, interactive);
  • Recorded lectures;
  • Text-to-speech literacy tools.

We adhere to systems and structures that support learning.

We promote autonomous and engaged learning by providing:

  • A predictable and stable learning environment;
  • Routines that develop independence;
  • Clear instructions, limits and expectations;
  • Continuous feedback on effective learning behaviours.

We create a safe learning community.

We coach our students to feel:

  • Understood and respected;
  • Connected to their peers, teachers and coaches.


Our unique approach also includes C-Space: a mandatory one-hour period, per course, per week, in which students can study, complete assignments and receive coaching from their teacher. C-Space gives students the opportunity to practice learning strategies under the guidance of their teacher and also gives them the confidence to ask questions, seek help and work independently.

We’ll coach you to become the best learner you can be.