The Centennial difference

We know why so many students don’t make it through Cegep.

Consider this:

In Quebec, only about 65% of students who enter Cegep end-up graduating with a DEC.

That may surprise you, but it shouldn’t.

The fact is, most students leaving high school are not prepared for Cegep.

They were taught the skills they needed to get into Cegep, not the skills they needed to get through Cegep.

They were told when and how to study, but never experienced being a self-directed learner.

So they’re just not ready: not ready to study on their own, manage their time or seek help and guidance.

Not ready to handle their new-found “freedom.”

Now, consider this:

Over 85% of Centennial College students obtain their DEC and go on to university.

How do we do it? No tricks; no gimmicks: just a tried-and-tested approach to learning that brings out the best in every student.

At Centennial College, we know that most students leaving high school are not equipped with the study habits or maturity to succeed in Cegep.

That’s why we’ll equip you with the skills and self-confidence you need to succeed – not just in Cegep, but in university and in the workplace.

And we’ll guide you to become a resilient, autonomous, life-long learner, so you can reach your academic goals

We know that successful students are made, not born.