About Centennial College

At Centennial College, together we help students become autonomous and resilient learners through innovation and collaboration.

Centennial College works in a close, three way partnership of students, parents and staff to encourage behavior change that allows young people to become autonomous, resilient, life-long learners. We believe that continuous feedback and support based on close observation performance data are the best ways to help students succeed. As teachers, we are always ready to shape the learning environment for our students; finding new ways to teach that are built on individual learning styles, on leading-edge research, and on best practices from schools around the world. Our approach also recognizes students need a balance in their lives– between work and relaxation, between mind and body, between effort and accomplishment.

At Centennial College, we see ourselves as coaches, creating good student behaviours and building the self-management and study skills needed for success at college. We concentrate on perseverance, planning and skill development– the basics that get a young person through college and into the university of professional education of their choice. We also celebrate the personal freedom and intellectual excitement that college level education offers.

The stark reality is that the majority of young people fail their first semester in a college-level academic program. High school doesn’t equip our young people with the toolkit they need– the learning skills that get you through a DEC and into university:

We expect commitment from our students and their families. We insist on regular attendance, punctuality, and completion of homework. Our focus is on building good learning behaviors resulting in consistent performance over time. We help our students persevere with the tedious, stressful part of learning and we help them structure their time to get the school work done while still enjoying life outside their studies.  

Without planning, academic work takes a back seat in a college student’s life– until there is a crisis. Many students have to be taught how to set and meet deadlines consistently, to resist impulses to be distracted from immediate goals, and to assess and revise their work and study plans on a continuous basis. We coach them in prioritizing, goal setting and time management.

Skill Development:
We work to shape the learning environment to reinforce student commitment and develop learning and planning skills. For example, we add an additional hour of classroom time to all courses that’s designed to give students an opportunity to practice their learning strategies in a collaborative setting with direct coaching from our team.