I graduated from Centennial College in 2013. Coming from the private school system, Centennial and me are an unlikely success story. Centennial gave me the positivity; support and empowerment that I sorely needed to realize my intellectual potential.


It all started when I graduated from high school. Eager to expand my horizons beyond the sheltered community of my private school, a place that did not help me grow, I decided to go to a different CEGEP than those chosen by my classmates: College Jean-de-Brébeuf.


Although Brébeuf was a wonderful and eye-opening experience that allowed me to expand personally, it had a difficult francophone curriculum that simply did not help me towards my academic goal of getting into a well-respected university and my degree program of choice. Exploring my options, I found Centennial and transferred immediately out of Brébeuf. I realized Centennial would offer me everything I needed to bounce back and realize my university dreams/ambitions.

At Centennial, not only did I gain good grades, but also gained back the confidence I had lost due to the overwhelming culture shock I experienced at Brébeuf. The small classrooms at Centennial gave me the opportunity to participate in class and express my ideas and thoughts, something I feel many students often don’t feel able to do in larger class sizes. The curriculum was academically challenging, however the high quality and dedication of the teachers allowed me to achieve excellent marks that I am sure I would not have achieved at another institution.


When leaving high school and entering a college, it is easy to feel overwhelmed alongside thousands of other students. While Centennial was larger than my graduating class, it remained a small community of students that were always friendly and eager to work with you to achieve our shared academic and personal goals.


From working out with Centennial Staff to being a Student Representative and sitting on the Centennial College Council, being at Centennial was an excellent experience both personally and academically for me. I boosted my grades and confidence and eventually got into my first-choice of university and degree program: I am studying for a Bachelor of Commerce at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia.


Centennial saved me from an education system that lets students fall through the cracks. The College works closely with every student to realize their potential and pushes them to excel. From the staff to the students Centennial has a very welcoming atmosphere. Centennial’s highly innovative teaching practices allow students, who believe that they have what it takes but are in need of a strong push, to gain academic success.


Take it from a student who entered Centennial with a very low R-score and graduated with a 27 and numerous awards, Centennial not only got me through CEGEP, it prepared me for university in every single way that counts. I will forever be grateful.

Testimonial Brontë Goldberger
Brontë Goldberger

Our son attended your College from September 2013 and graduated in May 2015. His experience at Centennial, not only met, but surpassed all of our expectations and we are so proud of him.

Prior to attending Centennial, he spent a year at Dawson College in Pure and Applied Sciences. He failed almost all his courses. He was depressed, unmotivated and had no idea how to turn things around for himself. After the 4 of us met at Centennial in May 2013, he was determined to start Centennial in the fall and give CEGEP another chance.


Our son thrived at your school. Not only did he achieve his personal goals of excelling in the classroom by learning planning strategies, perseverance and learning how to be/stay engaged in the classroom, but he also gained a greater sense of himself. He has learned how to incorporate reflective thought in his day to day living, how to honour commitment, practice honest self-assessment and to take ownership of whatever decision he makes. This is attributed to his experience at Centennial where he developed working relationships with his teachers, peers and most importantly, Maggie Owen, who helped him navigate life during the two years he spent at your school.


He has been accepted to McGill at the Desautels School of Management where he will start in the fall 2015.


Thank you Ms. Burgos for believing in our son and for giving him the support he needed to get over the many obstacles he faced.

Testimonial Mother of College Graduate
Mother of College Graduate