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“Successful students are made, not born”

Did you know that only about 40% of students pass their first semester of Cegep, and only about 65% of students who enter Cegep end-up graduating with a DEC?

What does this mean?

  • That the majority of students leaving high school are not equipped to study independently.
  • That students are reluctant to seek the support and guidance they need at Cegep.
  • That getting into Cegep is hard but getting through Cegep is even harder.

The transition from high school to Cegep is a challenging one. But it does not have to be overwhelming.

Choose Centennial College. We’ll show you the way.

Why study at Centennial

A college that will help you improve your study and work habits

A college that will empower you to take on difficult academic challenges

A college that will coach you to be more autonomous and resourceful

A college where you feel engaged and connected

A college that will help you achieve the grades you need to get into university

A college that expects as much out of you as you expect out if it

A college where you really matter

Success stories

Choosing the right CEGEP can profoundly impact your chances of succeeding and getting into university. Read what a few former students have to say about how Centennial College changed their life and helped them reach their goals.